Our Parish History

In 1932 a group of Carpatho-Russian people organized and decided to build a church.  Their first meetings were held in private homes and the services were held in the “Slovak Hall” (the future location of St. Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Church on Washington Avenue).  Property was purchased for our old church on South 7th Avenue and a church was built in 1934.  Almost all of the construction was done by the faithful.

The original name of our parish was Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church Brotherhood of the Holy Ghost.  In January 22, 1968 the name was changed to: The Holy Ghost Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church.



Father Walter Shymansky - 1934 – 1936 – Our first resident priest until he was transferred in 1936
Fr. John Mahonchak - 1936 – 1937 – Due to illness, a neighboring priest covered for him until 1937
Fr. John Zawoysky - 1937 – 1940 – The church was enlarged, a steeple was built, and a bell was purchased and put into service.
Rev. Joseph Olas  -1940
Rev. Alexander Harpas - 1941 – Land was purchased for the cemetery
Rev. Michael Kanuck - 1942
Rev. Joseph Milly -      1943 – 1944
Rev. Nicholas Navrocky -1945
Rev. Michael Hanas - 1945
Rev. Stephen Sedor - 1946
Rev. George Berzinec - 1946 – 1947 – The first rectory was built in 1946
Rev. Stephen Kolcun  - 1948
Very Rev. Peter Halkovich - 1949 – 1961 – During his pastorate, the mortgage was paid off on the first church (1952), the church was redecorated, and the Iconostasis was installed (1959)
Very Rev. Peter Rusyn - 1961 – 1971. – During his pastorate the present church structure was built, blessed, and dedicated (June 14, 1970).  Michael Bukovecky was general contractor of this project who with his nephew Joseph Demko designed the church layout.  The Ground Breaking ceremony was held on September 11, 1966.  Construction started in October 1968.  The corner stone blessing took place October 26, 1969 and was performed by Rev. Elias Kozar.

The original name of our parish was Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church Brotherhood of the Holy Ghost.  In January 22, 1968 the name was changed to: The Holy Ghost Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church.

Rev. John Fedornock   - 1971 – 1972 – Visiting pastor
Rev. Michael Psenechnuk - 1972 – 1976
Rev. Lawrence Barriger  - 1976 – 1981 – The current parish house was built in 1979
Rev. Brian Popp   -1981 – The existing Iconostasis was expanded and several new Icons purchased
Rev. Stephen Krivonak III   -1988 – 1991
Very Rev. Prot. Andrew Hutnyan - 1991 – 2004 – Mortgage on the current church was paid off and a mortgage burning ceremony was held on October 25, 1992.  Major renovation was done in 1999 after Hurricane Floyd flooded the church.  Property adjacent to the cemetery was purchased in 1996 with the future need to expand the cemetery. 
Rev. John Cmur  - 2004 – Visiting pastor
Rev. Matthew Moriak  - 2004 – 2011 – Major renovation was done in 2007 after the church was flooded again.  2008 was the start for new icons of saints on both sides of the church along with the Dormition and prophets on the back wall. 
Rev. Kenneth Ellis -2011 – to present – 2011 Hurricane Irene flooded the church requiring major renovation.  A bell memorial and Veterans memorial were added to the church front lawn.  A handicapped ramp was added to the main entrance of the church.  Cupolas on the church were re-gilded; new roof was installed on the church building.  Fencing and gate at the parish cemetery installed.





Left To Right: Top Row.  Fr. Peter Halkovich, Fr. Peter Rusyn & Fr. John Fedornock, Second Row: Fr. Michael Psenechnuk, Fr. Brian Popp & Fr. Lawrence Barriger. Third Row:   Fr. Stephen Krivonak III  & Fr. Andrew Hutnyan.  Bottom Row:   Fr. John Cmur & Fr. Matthew Moriak 


George Demyan -  1934-1970 – He was assisted by George Wohar and George Babich 
Ann Halkovich  -    1970
Walter Kull   -         1972
Linda O’Donnell   - 1983
Pani Kathleen Krivonak  - 1988
Frank Rybski   
Michael Kull 
Pani Jean Hutnyan -1991 – 2003
Pani Jodi Moriak           2004 – 2011


Choir Directors

Helen Vislocky  -1977
Robert Alles     
Pani Jodi Moriak -2004 – 2011


Church Presidents

George Wohar 
John Blazovsky
George Andrejko
Michael Matyola
Andrew Blazovsky, Sr.
Peter Palahach
Charles Demyan
Charles Ondrejik
Robert Rinkovsky
Rev Lawrence Barriger
John Schick
William Lehmacher
Acting President Elizabeth Drenchko
Christopher Kechula
John Worobey
Michael Bokach
Elizabeth Drenchko